Monday, May 25, 2009

Unpacking Cheney's lies.

Hi everyone,

What Mr. Obama hasn't understood about the undead is that you actually haven't stopped them until you drive a stake through their heart and cut their heads off. This country isn't going anywhere until we cut out the entire cancer.

Matthew Alexander: Former Senior Interrogator in Iraq Dissects Cheney's Lies and Distortions

And while we're piling on, it's nice to see Colin Powell talking sense on this.



PaulyW said...

"The Huffington Post is an American liberal news website", so if they make a comment, it's gospel and conservative viewpoint is just garbage? You have no objective viewpoint, only your one side when it comes to the past administration. I think Pelosi is a liar. There I feel better.

Mpeterson said...

actually the Huffington Post just picked up the story from ... well, from everywhere.

But either Cheney lied about torturing prisoners or he didn't... and if Pelosi lies... no problem with me. let her have it...

But her lies, if she's lied, do not put her as risk from prosecution by the European Courts... and her lies haven't violated our treaties. Mr. Cheney's have.