Wednesday, April 08, 2009

West Bend is going national over censorship demands.

Hi everyone,

Our little story is being picked up.

More challenged books: couple petitions West Bend, WI, public library

And the beat goes on.



justanotherbovine said...

This is "rich" - the one who has drawn all of this attention to West Bend is concerned about "embarrassment" now?

"His unprofessional behavior should be disappointing to his district constituents, and it is most certainly an embarrassment to the City of West Bend."

Get a clue, CitizenAdvocate, that threshold was crossed a long time ago.

justanotherbovine said...

As this issue develops, no one seems to be wondering what "standing" this couple have to interject themselves in City of West Bend politics, considering that they live in the Town of West Bend. Shouldn't they be dealing with the applicable Washington County Board committee for library services? If I lived in the City of West Bend, I would be upset at my tax dollars being consumed to deal with this garbage - look how much she cost the school district. Where is the "conservative" concern about wasteful spending - nothing showing at Boots & Sabers yet on that point.