Thursday, April 02, 2009

Election roundup... Koschnick, Fernandez, and Harding, Oh My!

Hi everyone,

A threesome of Ripley's weirdness. Believe it or not!

1) A Supreme court candidate who was a public defender but is running as a staunch conservative -- btw, how does that make any sense? maybe that's why the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Special Forces Units are sitting this one out? -- and who said: "I personally do not believe that hate crime legislation is proper."

2) The DPI candidate who wants to drain tax dollars out of the public schools and into the pockets of a for-profit, Virginia-based (K-12,Inc.) corporation that provides cirriculum to virtual schools which, according to their SEC prospectus, anticipated $5 million in revenue from Wisconsin taxpayers. I guess she doesn't think we need the money here at home.

and finally

3) The Mayoral Candidate in Racine who "supports taking away people's right to vote if they're on welfare or receiving other forms of government subsidies."

It just goes to show you, reality is infinitely weirder than anything you could ever make up.



Anonymous said...

the "weirdest" thing you can come up with on Judge Koschnick is that he was a public defender and is conservative? Wouldn't you want a candidate on the bench that was familiar with both sides of Law (defendant of people in society and judge)? So what that it is not customary for a "conservative" judge to have a history as a public defender. The fact of the matter is Judge Koschnick stands up for what is right and fair and is down to earth when it comes to the people in this state. Abrahamson comes off as arrogant and is crossing lines by excepting funding fromparticipants in upcoming decisions.

Mpeterson said...

You don't think it's weird that a public defender -- someone who's job is to look out for the little guy -- would paint himself up as a conservative -- the ideology that defends the view that wealth is more important than justice? Frankly, I remember a time when conservatives were still interested in justice but we haven't seen much of that, not since the social sharia-law conservatives drove them out of politics.

I liked Bob Dole a lot, for instance.

And you don't like Abrahamson accepting contributions from people with upcoming decisions in front of the court? Where were you when the last two supreme court elections were bought by the WMC?

Tiddly pom.