Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Five Dems House Representatives arrested at Darfur protest

Finally, Representatives acting like real Americans.

Five Dems arrested at Darfur protest



PaulyW said...

When normal everyday Americans protest increasingly higher taxes and fees they are called sandbaggers.....they have just as much right to protest as these 5 representatives do. Lets treat each group with equal respect.

Mpeterson said...

When everyday normal Americans who are paying lower taxes suddenly and with organizational assistance from the anti-tax right wing start to protest, my spidey senses just go off.

Can't help it. Who would protest that taxes are too high when their own taxes are being lowered?

James Dionne said...

Someone who sees the big picture, believes in trickle down economics, and is unselfish, that's who. A person who has dreams and ambitions to become self sufficient someday through hard work and personal sacrifice and to not have the government step in, take over half of it away, and give it to someone who knows how to take advantage of a welfare system.

Mpeterson said...

Well sir, that is your right. If you want to shoulder the tax burden for the wealthiest Americans, you should donate directly to their charities or help buy gas for their kids' BMWs.

For me, I side with the analysis of President Bush 41, and the judgment of history, that trickle down economics was and remains Voodoo Economics.