Sunday, March 29, 2009

Don Pridemore: a Glenn Grothman wannabe?

Hi folks,

A friend from WaxingAmerica dropped this link bye -- I think to make me feel better about being represented in Wisconsin's 20th Senate district by Mr. Grothman.

I confess, this helps a lot.

Hard to know even how to file this, except circularly.

Taxation without representation.

I note that the Washington DC, largely Republican, wrecking crew is already complaining about their taxes going up -- even though 95% of the rest of us are going to get a tax break this year. Apparently, the same thing is happening in Madison, with the Gov. restoring old and perfectly workable tax rates on the top earners.

What's interesting to me is that Mr. Pridemore, like Mr. Grothman, as state employees, make about what *I* do, except they get to hold outside jobs that raise their net income... maybe if they paid taxes like the rest of us do, they'd be more sympathetic to the idea of a government providing services none of us in the bottom 95% can afford on our own?



Anonymous said...

He keeps repeating the term colonist. I though maybe I don't understand the meaning. So, I reached for the dictionary. It reads "An original settler or founder of a colony". Ok, so I go to look up colony, it reads "A group of emigrants or their descendants who settle in a distant territory but remain subject to or closely associated with the parent country.
A territory thus settled.
A region politically controlled by a distant country; a dependency". Ok, so I ask where do Native American Indians and African Americans fit in to our State? Is this colony he calls the State of Wisconsin meant only for Europeans?
Is this evidence again that the Republican Party is party for a selected group? Maybe Mr. Pridemore is trying to be funny. I'm not laughing. I long for a meaninful discussion on the budget both on a state and national level.
Larry T,

Anonymous said...

Has Sirrah Pridemore even read the bill to which he refers? I would imagine if his constituents were to parse through it, they may come up with a much different interpretation. They may actually find that it is in their best interest to support the legislation. Too bad his link in the release doesn't get you to AB-75. Or perhaps that's the point, assure you don't read it for yourself and translate it into modern language. How can press releases like that get through editing?

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

When Pridemore is discussing colonists, I believe he is referring to his anthill.