Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another letter to the editor re: Defending the American Dream.

Hi everyone,

A letter to the editor from a reader with a response to my comments on the "Defending the American Dream" True Believer Party last week.

We need wealthy success

Mark Peterson, after reading your last column, I wish you would go back to bed with a good history book about what made our country unique and your “bankie.”

Wealth drives the economy, creates business, creates jobs, creates charitable donations; all the positive things. Those at the bottom of the economic system are not paying for them. Statistics say 48 percent pay nothing. We need wealthy success. This is what keeps our country strong. Incidentally, 92 percent of our citizens are still employed, paying taxes and their mortgages.

On a local level, we have the free clinic established by Dr. Albrecht. It is to serve the financially disabled and funded by the financially stable. When we all are poor, who does it serve?

We do not need a government that punishes success or the hard work, drive and risk that created it. We do not need a government that creates jobs by getting bigger. As an example, Doyle created a new committee to handle his latest hand-out to balance his inflated budget. If you keep government small, you keep the taxes needed to support it small. What is it you don’t understand? What the government gives comes out of our pockets.

This push toward socialism is the evil you perceive. The push against it is made by people who are wide awake.

Jean Schneider
West Bend

Why do people believe that suggesting we wake up to the reality of our economic circumstances, to an unfair and destabilizing distribution of wealth, is the same as promoting a 1950's kindergarten version of the USSR? Some of us have lived in the former Soviet Union (and the "People's" Republic of China) and seen the psychological carnage it can cause -- so, like, I'm a'gin it.

Anyway, to Ms. Schneider: my best advice would be to go read Andrew Carnegie's wonderfully clear and coherent essay on Wealth. Mr. Carnegie's observations express my own take on the role of wealth in society -- and he had quite a lot of experience with wealth -- or, if you're up to it, brush up on your John Rawl's theories of distributive justice.



Anonymous said...

If you take wealth from the wealthy eventually there is no one left with wealth. This is why communism eventually fails. People realize that they are working hard to support others who aren't and then they too stop working.

What is happening in the United States under President Obama is just beginning stages of that. Communism and or Socialism does not happen over night.

The less government, the better.

Mpeterson said...

Well, I've been working pretty hard for the last 20 years and what I realized is that my taxes have gone, during that time, to no-bid government contracts to the friends and business associates of the President and Vice President.

What I've realized is that while you were sleeping this happy narcotic dream that the rich would look after you, they were looting your future. Golden parachutes for them, a golden shower for you.

And you think that putting an end to this thievery this is communist? Either you simply don't know what you're talking about or -- more likely -- you're working against the economic interests of most Americans and for the economic interests of the oligarchs who, during the past 8 years, had unrestricted access to the US treasury.