Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coo coo ca choo Owen Robinson on the Fairness Doctrine.

Hi folks,

Yeah, I was wondering about this too.

The Fairness Doctrine Revisited.

The closing observation nails it. America isn't going to be fooled so easily anymore, not once we get used to a President, again, who can speak in complete sentences.



Anonymous said...

If the government is going to ensure that radio provides contrasting viewpoints, I also hope the government does this with network news and printed news. Talk radio is heavily biased towards the conservative viewpoint, but printed news and network news are heavily biased towards the liberal viewpoint.

Look at the criticism Bush would have gotten from the mainstream media had he proposed a surge of 17,000 new troops to Afghanistan like Obama is now proposing. (And we were told that Iraq was another Vietnam!)

What if Bush and Rove would have moved control of the census to the White House like Obama and Rahm Emanuel are now doing?

What if Bush would have nominated all of those cabinet members who didn't pay their taxes?

What if Bush and the Republicans had pushed through a gargantuan and transformative spending bill with little time for public debate like Obama, Pelosi, and Reid did?

Where are the hypocrites in the mainstream media on all of this stuff? They couldn't wait to crucify Bush for his arrogant and imperialistic ways, but Obama gets a free pass?

I am no fan of George Bush, but I would appreciate some objectivity from news people who claim they are so fair and balanced. At least Rush Limbaugh tells you exactly where he is coming from.

Mpeterson said...

I'm afraid that I'm no longer able to tell knee jerk liberals from knee jerk conservatives anymore... so I don't think I have a good answer for you.

I understood the Afghanistan war -- which Mr. Bush started and then failed to execute -- would not be staffed by new troops but by a redeployment of our troops in the area.

What's mystifying to me is that Bush didn't get clobbered for Iraq and Afghanistan. He was able to get out and let the rest of the Republican party take the hit for him in November.

Census? --> TEXAS. Nuff said. Stan.

Massive transformative bill? Like cutting the dividend and capital gains taxes? Back in 2001 the Cabinet members got an average tax savings of around $50,000 each... way more than I was making. Although that only cost America... oh yeah, the balanced budget Clinton left him.

But, forgive any sarcasm here... not enough coffee and too much to do today.. you and I will agree completely about the freakin' mainstream media. They've been coopted by their sponsors in Congress and the White House since the Reagan era. Too much of their livelihood depends on making nice with the very people they're supposed to cover.

And one other place where we can agree: no president should ever under any circumstances get a free pass. Ever. Personally, I don't think that would be very American. Personally, I think Obama won't duck the issues or hide with the expertise Mr. Bush exhibited -- but if he does, he'll hear about it from me as well as you.

Thanks for writing in.

James Dionne said...

The internet makes this all moot. People will not care about traditional radio or TV in five years.( anyone?) Your news will be delivered to you with the slant you want and at the price you'll want to pay.