Monday, September 29, 2008

Why are we always bailing out the rich?

Hi everyone,

Looks like the bail out is going to work out great for those who have. When I screw up my finances, I'm the one who has hell to pay. When Wall Street Bankers screw up my finances, the government they own gives them even more of my money.

They're looting the treasury while they can.

The corporate shills on the neocon right want us to believe that this "Collapse" is caused by regular working people who took mortgages they couldn't afford -- as always, they blame the working poor instead of themselves. The number one reason for people declaring bankruptcy in this country, however, is their inability to pay medical bills.

Nice, eh?

I'm irritable that my tax dollars are going to help pay the plastic surgery bills for Wall Street brokers and bankers. How about you?


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