Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We earn money the old fashioned way, we get government bailouts.

Hi everyone,

It just gets better and better.

McCain’s Son In New Keating Five Scandal?

John McCain’s son, Andrew McCain, was the former director of a bank that was closed by the federal government yesterday, according to reports.

The FDIC closed the Silver State Bank of Nevada on Friday afternoon and is trying to arrange a takeover by Nevada State Bank of Las Vegas in time for Monday.

Who else remembers George W's brother Neal and the Silverado Savings and Loan bail out back in the 80's? Only me? Hm... well, this family has had a LOT of practice getting the government to subsidized its lifestyle and losses.



Publius said...

And Joe Biden's son and MBNA???

Mpeterson said...

True enough, but I must've missed it: has there been a government bailout of the credit card industry that crushed investors while letting the robber barons keep their golden parachutes?

I mean "yet"?


Dean said...

I'm not going to defend Joe Biden or his son, there's no place for corruption in politics.

However, comparing that to McCain's direct involvement in the Keating Five Scandal is absurd. McCain helped a friend (and donor) steal $3.4 billion, then filed a false income tax return, and got off when the Senate said they couldn't discipline him because most of his actions took place while McCain was a member of the House of Representatives.

McCain is a crook. Has been for 30+ years.