Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sarah Palin, the Gender Card, and The Daily Show

Hi everyone,

Oh this just keeps getting better.

Sarah Palin Gender Card | The Daily Show | Comedy Central

What bothers me, however, is not that Karl Rove, and McCain's senior policy advisor, and even Sarah Palin herself have been caught in the kind of cynical hypocrisy that raises the bar, even by Bush Administration standards -- no.

What really bothers me is that we have to hear this from The Daily Show (which I love -- as do all right thinking Americans) instead of from the REAL NEWS. Have our broadcast journalists simply let go of the reins, tossed their typewriters into the Potomac, and holed up in the opium den of the Beltway party circuit?

Yeah, I don't know either. I have no idea where they've been since Cronkite retired.

And so it goes.


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