Monday, September 29, 2008

Rep Marcy Kapture from Ohio should move to the Wisconsin 5th congressional district.

Hi everyone,

Holy smokes, there are good representatives in the House?



Anonymous said...

Did you lose your talking points, she is one of the bad guys.

Seriously though, they don't make them like Marcy anymore. She is where the Democratic Party should be and is certainly not.

Al said...

Why would she want to do that, so she could lose?

There are probably some socially conservative, fiscally populist Democrats who actually have roots in the 5th District, if only the state party would have reached out to them. Even if they would have lost, Kaptur would still be there.

Mpeterson said...

Actually, there are quite a lot of them around, based on the strange experiences I've had canvassing this year. I mentioned in one of my columns that whenever you get beyond the party labels to the issues, even McCain supporters utter Obama talking points. It's like a Twilight Zone episode.

I know nothing about her social positions, but she doesn't want to spend tax dollars on the rich and she clearly saw through the Rovian background noise... that was enough for this week. :^)