Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"The Palin Doctrine" even crazier than the Bush Doctrine she didn't understand.

And better...

... or worse, I suppose. Have a look at the Christian Science Monitor.

The Palin Doctrine
Sarah Palin may be excused for not knowing "the Bush doctrine." The term was thrown at her like a curve ball during an interview last week by ABC's Charles Gibson, whose own description was incomplete. But her assertion of a potential new "doctrine" – one she might bring to the White House – is far less pardonable.

She said during that interview that the United States "must do whatever it takes" to fight terrorism. This implies the same amoral existentialism that terrorists use. It goes against the very principles of Western civilization that the jihadists seek to destroy.

Maybe it's the doo is on too tight. Maybe it's her glasses. Maybe it's the use of moose slaughter as a primary metaphor for politics and diplomacy.


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