Thursday, September 18, 2008

Conservatives for Obama

It's nice to see the beginning of the truth come out. The biggest problem, as I've been repeating for some years now, is not that neo-conservatives are conservative, but that they are not conservatives.

From Wick Allison: A Conservative for Obama

At least if they were real conservatives we'd be able to argue about meaningful differences. As it is, we're left with trying to convince the neo-cons that there isn't a bogeyman under the bed.

I know that doesn't make any sense. It's late.



Farmer Jones said...

An interesting article, but too short! Some more explanation on why conservatism = pragmatism would have been nice. I am also glad that Obama has read the Fedralist Papers, but wonder what he thought about the principles therein?

I, too, held out hope for a McCain presidency at one time, because I felt he might be the type to ignore the ridiculous moralism of the New Right (or neo-con, if you prefer). Unfortunately, he chose a evangelical creationist as his running mate. Sorry John, I can't vote for the willfully ignorant.

I'm not saying I'm prepared to vote for Barack, but this article makes me feel better about a possible Obama presidency.

Mpeterson said...

Nice to meet you.

From what I've heard, Obama is pretty clear on the Federalist papers -- I've heard material directly from #10 in his speeches... in fact, he's the first Democrat I've heard since Jimmy Carter was President express those great themes.

You enunciate a position increasingly appearing in the media -- and one that's been a particular favorite observation of mine for some years now: the problem with neo-conservatives is that they aren't really conservatives at all.

I enjoyed John Dean's book on this topic: "Conservatives without Conscience." Mr. Dean wondered just what the hell happened to his Party. Odds are, Barry Goldwater himself probably wouldn't pass their purity tests.

In any case, thank you for your thoughtful comment.