Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why aren't conservatives fiscal conservatives anymore?

One of the great ironies of the last 30 years: neocons pummel 'liberals' -- relentlessly and successfully in elections -- using the Big Fear of Tax-and-Spend Democrats and yet...

and yet...



jon said...

Sad but true. You can't listen to the political buzzwords, period

Anonymous said...

And why did Clinton have so much surplus?...because he taxed the hell out of the American people.

I want to keep the money I make. Thank you.

Dave Reid said...

Pretty hard to argue with that graphic.. ha

Mpeterson said...

Hey Dave,

Hard to argue with the graphic or with the numbers... which explains why McCain and his neo-con base are running on fear instead of truth -- why they're using marketing instead of math. As a convenient example, consider Mr. Anonymous there just ahead of you. Clearly doesn't do math, but does do greed and fear.

Dear Mr. Anonymous,

Sorry to hear you didn't like the Clinton years. Those of us in the middle class enjoyed them a lot. We really didn't see much of a tax increase. I guess you must have, huh? Hmm... You didn't like paying your fair share of our country's tax burden?

Sorry, but I don't think that the rest of us here in the bottom 95% of income earners should have to pick up your tab.

I can see why you'd want us to, but you actually do have some civic responsibilities and your taxes are the way you meet those.

Don't like it? Move to China.

They'll be glad to set you up.