Sunday, August 17, 2008

McCain's "Cross in the Dirt" story stolen from Solzhenitsyn (updated X3)

Hi everyone,

If Mr. McCain didn't lie, or have this wonderful story written for him, it would be quite touching. Maybe his prison guard in Hanoi had also read Solzhenitsyn, but mainly I'm reminded of Ronald Reagan's story about flying over the English Channel on the way to bomb Germany... and that he'd borrowed it from one of his own movies.

At least McCain steals from the best.

Daily Kos: "Cross in the Dirt" story stolen from Solzhenitsyn (updated X3)

For a more complete report, with links to McCain's version of Solzhenitsyn's gulag experience see McCain lies, contradicts himself on Cross story. With evidence.

And so it goes.


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Zach W. said...

It wouldn't be a surprise if McCain did make it up, considering the creative license he's taken with other stories from his book.