Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wisconsin Family Council CEO and Ayotollah Julaine Appling now embarrassing Wisconsin on CNN.

Hi everybody,

Some email from FairWisconsin came in today. Here's the text:

On July 9th, aired a story from WKOW about an obscure law facing Wisconsin gay and lesbian couples if they enter into a marriage outside the state that would not be legal in Wisconsin. In the interview, Wisconsin Family Council CEO Julaine Appling said verbatim that “that’s a defrauding of the government” and “someone needs to prosecute them.”

Later, Wisconsin Family Council issued a denial of the comments made by Appling, calling the story “distorted and misleading,” and claiming that what she actually said was that gay couples who get married in California are “taking a risk that some DA somewhere could charge them under this law, unlikely as that may be.” To see the text of the Wisconsin Family Council's denial click here.

Clearly, the only “defrauding” going on is the re-writing of history coming from the Wisconsin Family Council.

See for yourself what Appling actually said:

We need a new acronym for "Hey Wake Up! Crazy Judgmental Self-Righteous Mullahs Are Not Any Better When They Are Americans."



Not great, although it is an anagram for "BUM JAW WANTS CHARM" which tells you a lot about their main problem [there are, admittedly, a few more appropriate, if ruder, possibilities] -- but it's still too complicated to be useful. Too bad.

On the other hand, I'm still trying to work out what's so complicated about keeping government intervention out of religious matters like marriage.

And so it goes.


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Anonymous said...

Isn't there a house somewhere that can land on this hag's head?

Good grief.

The sad thing is...she's fighting all this because she's a lesbian and has self-loathing issues about it.