Saturday, July 12, 2008

Who needs public intellectuals when we have economic power?

Hi everybody,

Well, maybe not anymore.... Prospect Magazine's international poll of most important public intellectuals had some surprising results this year -- although it is nice to see that Umberto Eco and Noam Chomsky are still in there.

In any case, the most popular public intellectuals on earth are now largely people you've never heard of and write in languages you can't read.

Intellectuals: 'Intellectuals—the results' by | Prospect Magazine July 2008 issue 148

The followup story and analysis appear here.

One of my colleagues has worked out that the United States is currently in the same place, educationally speaking, it was for manufacturing in about 1982 -- top of the world and with no idea what kind of hard rain the next 10 years would bring.



jon said...

Yes...but unlike a CEO like say of Briggs and Stratton that can move labor offshore (and actually not profit as much with crappier parts...different discussion/topic), that won't happen in education.

We do have a mess tho. We fund everything via property taxes (which the burden has been shifted to the homeowner thanks to our friends at the WMC) - instead of finding a better way of balancing school funding and property taxes, politicians will just take away from schools while Joe Bob (who does not have the perspective from the school district's POV) still expects the same services as before.

Honestly, many people don't care about others or the future, just themselves, just them greedy selves. Same with those make the choices at the state level and federal. We had a great thing going on, greed will take it away...

Mpeterson said...

I noticed that MPTC's budget is up by about 6% this year over last year.