Monday, July 28, 2008

The Liberal Press Bogeyman. Campbell Brown, for CNN, slams impeachment hearing as kabuki theater.

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More evidence that "the liberal press" was just a bogeyman hiding under the bed. Of course, some people can't live without a bogeyman and the fear it creates.

Anyway, some material from an assortment of blogs and the Washington Post.

CNN Anchor Campbell Brown Slams Impeachment As Kabuki Theater.

This isn't the first time anyone raised the question about ideological taint. The Huffington Post's David Fiderer asked as soon as she married her current husband, Dan Senor, former spokesman for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq.

In different ways, Campbell Brown's husband is still shilling for the US occupation of Iraq. Check out Senor's piece that challenges Rajiv Chandrasekaran's reporting in The Washington Post, and some reactions here and here.

These days, Senor is a Fox News Contributor who tackles bigger topics, like "The Long Arm of Iran" for The Wall Street Journal, and his coup de grace, an "investigative piece" broadcast four weeks ago, called "Iran: the Ticking Time Bomb."

So, to analyze the big issues of the day you need to consider facts that may impugn the credibility of Dan Senor. Campbell Brown now faces that challenge as a brand new CNN anchor who will soon host a prime-time news program.

No doubt, CNN trusts Brown to be a strict secularist in separating matters professional away from matters personal - such as her husband's advocacy of military action against Iran. But there is absolutely no way that Brown or CNN could ever claim they will avoid the appearance of a conflict. It's very easy for CNN to report on Warner Brothers and acknowledge their common corporate parent. What will Campbell Brown do when she reports on diplomacy with Iran?

De do do do, de da da da, is all I want to say to you.

Incidentally, do you notice how, at moments in history like this one, the fact that The Police have a Wikipedia entry devoted to a single one of their songs seems infinitely more important than the quality of our news media?

I note it in passing.



freshzing said...

Her last name is Brown, and now we know why, she is a disgraceful, grotesque a** kisser! Go wash your face Brown, it is filthy!

Mpeterson said...

Now now freshzing. No need to call her names when the facts do all the work for you.