Thursday, July 24, 2008

Is it time to apply supply-side economics to university education?

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If we don't have enough college graduates, can we compete with China? Some of our business people wave this question off as silly and make condescending noises about the solid base of American innovation -- and yet, without engineers, physicists, and sufficient leavening by poets and historians, we don't really stand a chance. Look, GE is building MRI machines in China now so why would they need to pay Americans, in West Bend or Kewaskum, American wages?

Supply-Side Education -

Something to think about.



mht said...

Hope this link is good - I just saw a Powerpoint version, and found it on Youtube via

Kind of scary - maybe you can embed it into a post sometime. Especially relevant considering how people seem so rooted in the past here, while other countries are moving forward exponentially.

We may reach a "tipping point" where we as a country go into a downward backflip/spiral.

Mpeterson said...

Hi there... send me the link again and I'll fiddle it into the text. :^)


mht said...

Try to get to this site & you should be able to link to various versions (Did You Know/Shift Happens) - I originally saw the Powerpoint version, there are also some YouTube versions & at that link there is the text in Word/PDF format. I think the Powerpoint and/or text versions have much more impact than the YouTube does (seems a little "dumbed down" if you know what I mean.)

When I saw this, it brought to my mind a lot of things that you & John Torinus have said about globalization, innovation, and education.

Just for my own blog education, is there a link buried somewhere here that one can use to contact you, without doing it via the "comment" section?

Mpeterson said...

I have my email address turned off for Blogger, but you can send me a note at