Saturday, July 05, 2008

Be a Budget Hero on the US Federal budget.

Hi everyone,

Here's a fun link from WUWM in Milwaukee for an interactive game that let's you try to balance the US Budget. It's great fun.

I picked National Security, Greening America, and Health & Wellness as my core values and, somehow, cut the budget, downsized the government, and put the US into the black well past 2070. Oh, and added a 600 billion surplus while funding national health care, education, and adding 2 new army divisions (plus maintaining our stealth fighter fleet).

Go have a look. Let me know how you do!



jon said...

Competitive advantage, energy independence and "green" were my priorities. I educated the poor and helped them get into college, double NASA, NSF, alternative fuels funding, more help for workers affected by trade, spended more to fight AIDS overseas (so we don't breed more anti-americanism), fund university defense projects, and increasing funding for mass transportation while downsizing gov't and reducing debt. How? Ending Bush's tax cuts and increasing the burden on the wealthy, capping and limit greenhouse gases, adding 50 cents to the gas tax, increase SS taxes for wealth, ending No Child Left Behind act (pork just so military recruiters can call us every freaking day of our HS lives), eliminating pork, cutting tax breaks to big oil and requiring employer health insurance

Too good for reallife..haha

Anonymous said...

That's more fun than you'd think--and it's not too hard to balance the budget: Just cancel those Bush tax cuts and cut military spending by 10 per cent, and you can do just about anything you want in this world. Thanks for that one! -- Pat

Mpeterson said...

Grin. I did it in exactly the same way. Repealing Mr. Bush's tax-cuts for his friends paid for nearly everything... including an updated military and, gasp, universal health care.

So tax cuts for the rich are... wait, actually bad for the rest of us?

How could that be?