Friday, June 27, 2008

Republicans urged to run as Democrats...

And speaking of neo-con meme addiction, here's another example.

If this keeps up much longer we'll be able to do our own COPS-style syndicated TV show on the "badboyzbadboyz" from the wingnut right. Maybe then the remaining sane members of the Republican party -- assuming there are any left -- will wrest control back from the guys. For now, my friends over there are still being held hostage to the narrow ideological agenda of guys like Tom Reynolds.

One Wisconsin Now | Republicans Run as Democrats in Democratic Primary

Yadda yadda Warden.



Anonymous said...

I don't know how influential Tom Reynolds could be - he's pretty much on the margins.

I am disappointed that you have not published John Torinus column of 6/25/08 Daily News - now that the paper is digital, it seems like it is impossible to do a "cut & paste". Anyway, he is part of a movement called "Republicans In Search of a Majority" to counteract the ones who have put the Wisconsin Republican Party in minority status by purging the party of "RINO"s - "Republicans In Name Only" - you know, the ones that have the audacity to try to work with Democrats to get something done. Think of Boots & Sabers, Glen Grothman, Charlie Sykes, Mark Belling, etc. and you get the flavor. Anyway, the dynamics of a potential primary this fall with low turnout & no other contests, he makes the point that Jim Burkee (Professor at Concordia University) could run as a Republican against Sensenbrenner in a primary. One of the things that gives him a chance is that a lot of Democrats & Independents could vote for Burkee in the primary (and thus take Sensenbrenner out of the running, as there might not be any other primary contests. Then in the real election, they could vote for either a Democrat (Bryan Kennedy, perhaps?) or a moderate Republican. Either way, it's win-win, because Sensenbrenner would be out. I remember Rolling Stone describing him as looking like a "sitting toad".

I think the "lefty" blogs could do much more damage than Tom Reynolds - imagine taking out a 30-year Republican Congressman. Maybe we can get Mary Panzer to run against Glen Grothman and rock his world too!

Sorry to be so wordy & anonymous, but that's the way it is.

Mpeterson said...

Grin, well, I don't track John's editorials for the blogs. The last note I see from John, however, available publicly on the Daily News site, is his apologetic for Justice Ziegler from June 7th... but I love the idea of Republicans taking back their party. I can't think of anything that would be better for the country.

When people have asked me, over the last 30 years or so, what Democrat I'd like to see elected, my usual answer has been, "I haven't seen a *real* Democrat since Jimmy Carter was President."

Same goes for the Republicans. I guess Bob Dole was a real Republican. But the neo-cons now in charge are simply coyotes in the hen house. Their politics are geared solely to justifying their economics.

I'm more than a little comforted to find myself in the company of John Dean on this -- especially given the kind of people (Mssrs. Robinson, Grothman, Sykes, etc) who claim to represent Republican values (sigh, remember fiscal responsibility and avoiding stupid foreign entanglements?). Dean thinks the neo-cons are a kind of psychological pathology. It is a telling diagnosis. Addiction to ideological purity is always the first symptom. Think of Glenn.

But people like Torinus and Mary Panzer don't belong to that crowd. The main difference is that even when you disagree with them, you can still understand their arguments. Owen, Glen, Charlie, et al, don't bother with arguments. They rely on volume and rhetorical power alone -- and the kind of smug self-certainty that comes with a little education and a full stomach.

I loved, from the start, the two guys from Concordia running against each other for office -- largely as a means to draw out Chief Sitting Toad.

Let's hope other real Republicans decide to take back their party from the coyotes who've usurped it. That'd be good for everyone.

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