Friday, June 27, 2008

Republicans cause shorter life expectancy?

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Maybe it only feels that way. On the other hand, this addiction to the crystal meth of free market profits really only works for those who get the crank. The sting of economic inequality isn't always morally corrective. [Maybe I should post this for Glenn Grothman too....]

Unequal America: Causes and consequences of the wide—and growing—gap between rich and poor.

[a snippet]

In a study of baseball players, teams with wider pay dispersion performed more poorly—and so did individual players within those teams. “In a world in which each individual is looking out for themselves, players will tend to concentrate on improving their own performance to the exclusion of team goals, since their own performance is what matters for moving up the pay scale,” Kawachi and Bruce P. Kennedy (a former HSPH professor who passed away this year) wrote in The Health of Nations: Why Inequality Is Harmful to Your Health.

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jon said...

MP your link to the full article doesn't work....

Mpeterson said...

Thanks Jon, fixed.