Sunday, March 23, 2008

More candidate/religious zealot connections.

Hmm, and.....

The media went nuts because Mr. Obama's pastor has occasionally said some crazy stuff (although the media madness has more to do with his dashikis than with anything he's said) but -- seriously, BUT -- have you noticed that no one bats an eye when McCain happily accepts the endorsement of a religious zealot like Rev. Hagee?

  • The Rev. Wright says that white America is tough on African-Americans, and everyone goes nuts.
  • Rev. Hagee says God destroyed New Orleans because of a gay pride parade and that the pope is the Anti-Christ, and nobody blinks.


And now this bit of spectacular weirdness: Hillary Clinton has ties to The Family (a bunch of right-wing fundamentalists in Washington) that may make her more vulnerable on this front than either Obama or McCain.


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Timmo said...

I happened to run across a nice video on YouTube which puts some of J. Wright's comments in context:

The main thing J. Wright drives at is that in response to 9/11 we sought after revenge, regardless of who might be standing in the way. In this country, one does not even typically HEAR about the effects of our military action on the people on the brunt end.

Consider, for instance, the current debate about withdrawing from Iraq. The conversation mainly proceeds by examining the cost in American lives and dollars. To be sure, these considerations are important, but there are others which are completely left out. What about the 1.2 million dead as a result of the conflict and the over 2 million displaced by the conflict? What about the regional consensus that the ongoing violence is further agitated by our presence there? What about the overwhelming opinion of Iraqis that the United States should leave Iraq immediately or in the very near future? (This, by the way, is also the opinion of a majority of Americans, as well, but this doesn't get much attention, either).

Worried about terror that Saddam Hussein might commit, we destroyed a nation, destroyed countless lives, and destabilized an entire region. When people like J. Wright bring this sort of thing to light, they are demonized. That's no accident -- the media responds to iconoclasts with disturbing speed and effectiveness.