Friday, February 01, 2008

Pat Strachota: insinuating her religious beliefs into medical practice?

Hi folks,

Well, it seems like conservatives can't walk 6 feet without reattaching their neo and their hyphen.

Rep. Strachota was nice enough to respond to a note I'd sent asking her why she would oppose compassionate care to rape victims. She explained that she'd voted against the legislation because it didn't include a clause that would let physicians opt out of providing that treatment -- what she called a "conscience clause."

Conscience Clause, sanity clause, Santa Claus.... you make the call.

Doctors have a duty to care for their patients, regardless of their own religious beliefs. They are not allowed to impose their religious views at the expense of a patient's welfare -- can you imagine a physician who refused to give a patient an emergency transfusion because his religious beliefs said he couldn't?

Politicians have the same obligation: they shouldn't impose their religious views at the expense of the health or well being of their constituents -- especially when those constituents are rape victims.


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