Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nearly twenty years without buying gas from Exxon.

Hi everyone,

Just a strange moment today, stumbling across this story on Yahoo. Two decades after oil spill, Alaskans still await 'new start'. Back after the spill I got so irritable that, in a gesture of absolutely no importance whatsoever, I stopped buying gas from Exxon. When they merged with Mobil, I stopped buying gas from Mobil too.

Pretty soon I'll be reduced to driving a push cart.

But I have 20 years of satisfaction.

The people in Alaska are remembering too. Here from the Anchorage Daily News, some excerpts:

Exxon Valdez spill by the numbers

11 MILLION: Gallons of oil spilled into Prince William Sound from the Exxon Valdez in 1989.

470 MILES: How far the spilled oil drifted from Bligh Reef, to the village of Chignik on the Alaska Peninsula.

1,300 MILES: The miles of oiled shoreline, 200 of them heavily or moderately oiled.

$2.1 BILLION: The amount Exxon estimates it spent cleaning up after the tanker spill over the following four summers.

$1.045 BILLION: Amount Exxon paid in 1990s in criminal fines and civil settlements.


8,000: Estimated number of plaintiffs who have died since the 1989 spill.

$40.6 BILLION: Exxon's estimated profit last year.

$7.6 BILLION: Estimated cash dividends Exxon paid to its shareholders last year.

I wonder if they've worked out the actuarial tables to see how long before the rest of the plaintiffs die off?

Naahhh... that'd be too cynical.


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