Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pat Strachota's real conservatism.

Hi folks,

I've been irritable with Representative Strachota lately because of her votes to make it more difficult for rape victims to get emergency contraception -- something that seems completely indecent if not immoral to me.

But having said that, I'd like to highlight some good ideas she included in her response to the Governor's State of the State address. Specifically the following: [you can find her response here]
Tonight, the Governor outlined a capital gains reinvestment component in his economic development package that is almost identical to my bill, AB 671, which will allow individuals to reinvest their capital gains in Wisconsin businesses, tax free. Encouraging investment in our state’s up and coming new businesses is an important investment in our state’s economic future. As a result, our state will benefit in terms of job growth which will lead to increased future tax revenue.

Also included in the Governor’s address were proposals to give increased flexibility to the Act 255 Angel Investment Tax Credit program. Earlier today, the Assembly easily passed AB 557, which increases the amount of credits available, and AB 598 which makes several changes to increase the flexibility in the Angel program. Angel investing is the seed from which quality, high-paying jobs are grown and any improvements we can make to this highly successful program are ones I welcome.
This seems to me to be responsible manipulation of the tax code in a way that benefits Wisconsinites without simply padding the pockets of CEOs, CFO, and COOs -- in other words, conservatism without the neo-.

I know... if this keeps up, I'll have nothing to type about.


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