Friday, October 19, 2007

World War III? Ready, set, go.

Hi folks,

Okay, this is a bit off the usual Kettle Moraine trail, but World War Three would find us, even here. The President mentioned it the other day:
Bush warns of World War III? - First Read -

In his new conference yesterday, the Washington Post writes, “Bush forecast doomsday if Tehran builds nuclear weapons. ‘We got a leader in Iran who has announced that he wants to destroy Israel,’ he said. ‘So I've told people that if you're interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from [having] the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon.’”

Anyway, I just wanted to get this little prediction out of my system.

We'll be in Iran before the next election.

W has set up this invasion much more cleverly than he did the invasion of Iraq. We went into Iraq based on his assertions that Iraq had nuclear weapons -- when he knew they didn't.

In the case of Iran, he's made it a lot easier... all we need to show this time is that Iran has the "knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon."

Technically, Wisconsin has the knowledge necessary to make nuclear weapons.... so, Iran should be a piece of cake.

And if that's not enough to distract us, his administration is trying to plunk down US missile sites in former Soviet satellite states -- a move Bush/Cheney knew would annoy/terrify the Russians. Remember that whole business about the Russians being paranoid and still under the thumb of former KGB officers? Yeah. They're reaction is pretty predictable.

Somewhere in that mix of scariness, Iran will look like an obvious decision.

Or maybe George believes that if he starts WW III, Jesus will come back in the H-bomb.




Anonymous said...

I don't think so. The Bush Admin. used fear ("If you don't vote (for us), the terrorists will win) in the '04 election. We've made a wonderful little black hole of Iraq...unless we nuke Iran (little ironic...), we don't have the resources to for yet another offensive strategy.

Back to the point, Bush and the GOP have used fear when there hasn't been much to worry, and have tried to call out/ostracize their "enemies" by name calling. Thank god for the 2006 election and some balance.....

Mpeterson said...

Grin. I trust you will be completely correct... all I did was project along the lines of his past behaviors. Whenever I do that I always end up someplace awful... and yet -- and this has been my experience over the past 6 years -- no matter how cynical I've been regarding what the Bush administration might try to get away with, they have, in every instance, done something worse than I could've imagined.

Invade Iraq?

Nah, they'd never do that.

Change the story about why they invaded 4 or 5 times?

Nah, they'd never do that.

Ignore a perfectly workable FISA to illegally wiretap Americans?

Nah, they'd never do that.

Use rendition on American citizens?

Nah, they'd never do that.

Add signing letters to bills saying, essentially, that the executive branch doesn't need to obey the very laws the President's just signed?

Nah, even Andy Jackson didn't get away with that -- they'd never do that....

Anyway, that little chorus keeps floating in my mind...

"Nah, they'd never do that."

And yet.

So, let's hope you're right, I've just been poisoned by cynicism and too strong a belief in the efficacy of the Federalist Papers.


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, Mark. I think you're quite right, sadly. Sy Hersh has already reported on plans for air strikes on Iran, and, lacking sufficient military personnel/fodder, air strikes seem to be the way this is going. And, as you say, sooner rather than later. Sadly, the congressional "opposition" seems to be drugged. Repeated feelings of impending doom . . . --Pat

Mpeterson said...

Sigh, indeed. And if I said we live in an America where cynicism has become augury, how many people would roll their eyes simply because they didn't understand the words?

Did I say 'sigh' already?