Monday, October 22, 2007

This week in where?

Hi folks,

Just because I had no idea what's been going on in Chile lately, I looked. Guess what?

Chile to expand Antarctic claim after British move -

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) -- Chile said Monday it will claim an extended portion of the Antarctic seabed to uphold its rights in the face of a similar step by Britain.

Britain last week said it is preparing a claim under a U.N. treaty that allows countries to claim continental shelf up to 350 nautical miles (402 statute miles) off their shores. The treaty also gives countries the right to search for oil and natural gas there.

Earlier treaties allowed countries to claim territory only 200 nautical miles from the coast.

The British claim would extend from the boundaries of the British Antarctic Territory, a land Britain first claimed in 1908, and would conflict with claims by Argentina and Chile.

And so it goes.



Anonymous said...

Not "on-topic", but you seem to have gone "dark" lately - was hoping to see some discussion generated here about the referendum - why can't we "fisk" (whatever that means) the Boots & Sabers columns in the Daily News?

I thought you would have caught the part about the parent feeling so much pressure to vote yes that she is reluctant to express her opinion for fear of the heat that she might bring down on herself and her child. "The simple fact that she has been made to feel this way is deplorable." Kind of ironic, isn't it - I had heard that there were business people that are pro-referendum that have to keep a low profile too.

Anyway, you are the philosopher - isn't it kind of weird that someone with obviously low self-esteem issues actually finds some empathy with Owen (although such empathy is offered for political purposes only - no one is going to make a habit of that, mind you!). As to "pressure to vote yes", last time I looked, we had secret ballots and actually it is rude to ask people how they are going to vote. I think deep down, the lady wants to vote "yes".

I also love the implications that it is mostly teachers behind the support - let's see: more money spent on facilties instead of increased staff salaries & benefits - how does that compute?

Mpeterson said...

lol. Not interested in Chile, eh? I've been in midterms, which means grading grading grading. How Owen can spend the amount of time he does on his blog is utterly beyond me. Must be nice for him -- maybe he should get a real job and then he'd know what it's like to work hard for a living. [whoops, did I forget to turn on the *irony* indicator light?]

I'll have something up this weekend about the referendum. I actually had a little editorial response to our boy at B/S, but it was a bit too long (not surprisingly :^)) so the Daily News opted not to run it. I'll put it up over the weekend.

Low self-esteem always tracks with the trickle thin edificiations of ideology. You get cool slogans that shut people up and, eventually, arm bands and your own flag. People with full lives don't have to rely on yummy squeaky happy chew toys of political slogans and true believerhood. That's why people with full lives are always the first ones put up against the wall when the revolution comes. Thoughtfulness is the enemy of ideology and, thus, self-esteem makes being a neo-con impossible.

That's why the so-called neocons hate Bill Moyers or, say, even John Dean. :^)

More on the main board Saturdayish.


Anonymous said...

Thanks - "I'll Be Baach" on Saturday.

The Daily News (editorial section) has been kind of weird - on Monday, they had a note that the last letters re referendum were due by Tuesday Noon. Then they run Owen's column Tuesday PM, and Mark Belling today. Of course, that leaves no opportunity to respond to inaccuracies. I don't understand the policy on "Guest Views" - the editor told me a few weeks ago that there would not be room for any, and then they run 3 of them (2 con & 1 pro).

Ah, the life of a professor - been a long time since I was a student at UWWC, but one thing I remember is some of my professors being available (other than class times) from early AM until 9:00 at night, and here and there the occasional Saturday.

Mpeterson said...

Weird is right.... or do I mean, the so-called right is weird? Hmm. The Daily News was nice enough to suggest I shoot in a letter to them, but it is interesting to notice that the "Say no to progress" types (Bellowing and Robinson) are getting the big print... seems like even people who don't live here get published ahead of local residents.

That's pretty interesting I'd say.

Glad you were able to get good use out of UWWC. I keep wanting them to change the name of the UW Colleges to the-UW-at-Home.


Wbender said...

What is the connection between Owen Robinson and Americans for Prosperity? Wasn't he one of their featured speakers at a rally in Madison earlier this fall? Now they are making phone calls against the West Bend referendum & might be in trouble because they did not properly register to do so.