Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mark "Bellowing" Belling: not the king-maker of Washington County, thank you.

Hi folks,

Heeeee's baaaaaack sticking his nose into Washington County again.

Not content to let the good people of Washington County make up their own minds, Mark "Bellowing" Belling went on a little rant recently about the dangers of spending our money on educating our kids.

It is, of course, his job to improve his ratings by whatever means necessary. It's his living after all. Bruce Murphy's had to watch him for years, and this little explanation makes a lot of sense.

Mark Belling’s Folly

by Bruce Murphy | Tuesday 9/11/2007

Mark Belling is very smart and can be a savvy media analyst. That confuses people who think he must always have some basis for his opinions. Not really. Mark’s business is show biz. He’s an entertainer, as he freely concedes. He rarely does any reporting, rarely provides any balance on his radio shows and often doesn’t bother to correct his inaccuracies.

So, back to us, Belling bellows about our business in order to pump his ratings and he does it at our expense. Normally, that'd be okay -- but this is important.

The future of the kids who live here is important.

Belling's ratings aren't.

He doesn't live here, work here, or pay taxes here. He doesn't shop here, buy groceries, gas, or beer here -- unless he has a secret mansion on Big Cedar Lake somewhere. He doesn't have kids in school here, doesn't care about our interests or our future, or about what we think is best for our kids.

Still, he does have one thing most of us don't: a TV show.

For some reason, those Sunday morning TV guys always think they know what other people should think and do.

Having a TV show doesn't make him smarter than us, doesn't make him an expert on our kids, schools, education, or on the new global economy we have to get our kids ready for (even if he doesn't -- although I'd love to see his job outsourced to India... we could call it "Sunday Morning with Bangalore and Company") .

It doesn't mean he understands the relation between investing in education and its (huge!) economic payoffs. It doesn't make him an expert on local control of local issues. It doesn't even make him a decent example of common sense.

It makes him a big mouth on TV.

He stomped around Washington County using his TV show years ago when Glenn Grothman ran against Mary Panzer. Now he's acting as if that gives him the right to have his say in our neighborhood schools... and he's actually criticizing Glenn for going soft on... wait, on what again?

On a business savvy and tax-wise study that took some of our smartest and most fiscally conservative neighbors two years to finish??

Uh, right.

Let's not confuse a common sense approach to spending our money on our kids with Mr. Belling's bellowing for ratings.

I'm just thinking out loud, of course.



Anonymous said...

Oh, where do I begin? That he has a face made for radio and a voice made for the printed word? That whenever gasbags like Rush, Charlie, and him make an impolitic remark, they're immediately excused as "entertainers", not the pundits or commentators they try to be? That he is a bully who hides behind screened phone calls so he can win every argument? That he offers nothing but endless criticism and pessimism, and is incapable of providing positive contributions?

Mpeterson said...

Thank you for suggesting an even more accurate alliteration:
Bullying Bellowing Belling?

Maybe it's because his entire livelihood depends on a kind of anti-libertarian bogeyman hiding under everyone's bed. Trouble is, when you turn on the lights, there's nothing there.

Anonymous said...

Mark Bellowing is just echoing the conservative approach to school reform: destroy the public schools AND the people who work in them.

Bellowing celebrates any bad news about public schools; he used Columbine to host a 2 hour rant ripping public school teachers; calling them "selfish pigs". This as Columbine teacher Dave Sanders lay bleeding to death after saving a roomfull of innocent students.

I think a number of conservatives like Bellowing hate public education SO much they actually support school shooters.

Preposterous you say? Look at the FoxPolitics (Jo Englehoff) blog comment posting from 10/5 by Val.. I didn't know that Columbine shooter Dylan Kliebold was actually a school reformer. Nice that she posted that comment. Wonder if she & Bellowing cheer when teachers and kids are killed?

Anonymous said...

Mark Belling worried about Glen Grothman "going soft"? - Dr. Mark, don't try to figure out wide-stance Republican politics. I don't think you can get any more "wide-stance" than Mark Belling & Glen Grothman.

Glad you aren't the only one who suspects what is going on here. My prediction is that if the referendum fails, Mark Belling & Owen Robinson will be cuffing their carrots big time about their inflated sense of self-importance, that they are the "kings" of conservatism, that they saved conservatism in West Bend. Mark needs an audience to sustain his way of life, I'm sure that Owen intends to fry bigger fish some day, this referendum is a throw-away for him - why the hell should he care. Belling has no investment in the community, Robinson is what, like 35 years old, maybe lived in this area 5 years, has everything figured out, and he is the "expert" whose words everyone should hang on? Belling & Robinson definitely are not life-long learners (which explains their anti-education agenda - who needs education when you arrive on the scene knowing everything!).

Yes, wide-stance Republican politics in Washington County sucks root right now - too bad it is impacting the referendum and the future integrity of West Bend. Maybe this will be the tipping point for the Democrats to "man-up" - I am sure that if the referendum fails, there will be enough people pissed off to send Glen Grothman a message. My prediction is that the state Democrat party makes a move into Washington County, thanks to the antics of Mark Belling & Owen Robinson.