Monday, October 01, 2007

Justice for Justice Ziegler -- Update:

Hi folks,

Not done yet, apparently.

I don't know. She looks happy here, and yet:

From LegalNewsline: New Wisc. Justice can't bury misconduct charges - UPDATE

New Wisc. Justice can't bury misconduct charges - UPDATE

Ziegler and the WJC appeared to resolve outstanding conduct issues against the new Justice when they agreed that she should face only public reprimand over earlier non-recusal charges, LNL reported earlier this month. But those charges did not include the West Bend Bank cases the Judicial Conduct Panel now wants to check.

And in the Wisconsin State Journal:

Panel widens Ziegler conflict of interest probe

A panel investigating conflicts of interest by Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler signaled Wednesday that it plans to expand the probe by further examining Ziegler's ties to West Bend Savings Bank and her statements prior to this spring's election about those conflicts.

The three-judge panel ordered Ziegler and the Wisconsin Judicial Commission to provide additional information about a reported $2 million in loans Ziegler and her husband received from West Bend Savings Bank, where J.J. Ziegler serves on the board of directors. In their request for additional information, the judges cited media reports detailing potential conflicts of interest beyond those cited by the commission.

And so on.

And so it goes. Does anyone know if any previously sitting Wisconsin Supreme Court justice has ever been investigated for violations they've actually admitted?

Maybe the Wisconsin Supreme Court is the kind of club that would've had Groucho as a member. If the Supreme Court doesn't mind justices who either intentionally flout the ethics rules for justices or, if it was a mistake, make dreadfully casual errors in ethical judgment, then why should we?

If a liar tells you he's a liar, is he a liar? Do you believe him?

Interesting puzzle.

We'll find out after November 19th.

Stay tuned.


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