Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bellowing and The Howling Class.

Hi folks,

And while I was getting all that "Mark Bellowing Belling" out of my system, it looks like the editorial board at the Journal, in the words of one of our local cheddarsphere bloggers, have finally eaten their Wheaties. A number of our local so-called neo-con whiners have been complaining about Wisconsin's recent slip in tax status down to #39. Boo hoo. And they've been screeching like baby owls about this as if it means no more chewy treats.

Unfortunately, out in the real world, tax rates aren't the only factor determining where companies locate their HQ's -- or any of their other divisions.... that only happens in the blog-universe, where no one has to use real numbers or have their arguments challenged and the satisfaction of whining never seems to end.

Anyway, the link and a snippet from the the Journal Editorial:

Editorial: The howling class

The howlers are barking over Wisconsin's business tax climate, and they have a point, but it would be more productive to build consensus for solutions.

From the Journal Sentinel
Posted: Oct. 15, 2007

Thirty-seven Fortune 500 companies call the Chicago/Milwaukee corridor home - eight in the Milwaukee region alone. Milwaukee is a national leader in business clout by that measure on a per-capita basis. There is a reason for that. It's still a good place to do business.

Um, and locally, let me mention Gehl Co. whose new R&D division placement was secured only partly with the usual tax breaks, but also -- and explicitly -- with the recognition of professional/educational resources available here. If things were really that lousy here, then why would 13.5% of the top 500 companies in the US keep their HQ's here?

Do the Howlers suppose that Miller stayed in Milwaukee out of nostalgia? If they do, they've been eating more than owl-caught mice.

Think about it, we're still ahead of California and New York in terms of tax status and yet some of the remaining 76.5% of major corporations have their HQ's in LA and NYC. Startling.

As usual, thinking about it ruins all the fun of whining.

I was never a fan of Coors, btw, but maybe Miller will straighten out their recipe.



Anonymous said...

Hey - good job - I got this link by the Brew City Brawler. Maybe you will some day be able to quit your vocation and become a pathetic blogger who makes a living out of attacking other bloggers and media folk in an effort to illicit a reaction and draw traffic to this site?

I've always thought of Belling as "Current Affairs for Dummies - Lite". Or "comfort food" for the mind - not nutritious for the mind, but easy to digest. Nothing beats hearing what you want to hear - life is so much happier that way - some people would get a brain ache if they had to digest information that doesn't agree with them.

On the tax hell basis, why the hell is Mark Belling in Wisconsin if it is so bad - he must be making a boatload of money and paying mucho taxes. Probably because anywhere else he wouldn't be paid even what he pays in taxes here - he's kind of a one-note song.

Mpeterson said...

Ha. I'm pretty good at my vocation in logic and philosophy and, alas, that pretty much disqualifies me as an effective blogger.

Besides, my 20 readers would resent too many hits here.

I like your analogy to comfort food... yummy but without the nutrition of a decent January pot roast.

Maybe "fast food" would be even closer: Belling's (and Charlie's) politics are predigested, sloppy with ketchup, and designed to circumvent your thinking by appealing directly to your worst appetites.

I love a bacon double cheese burger now and then, but I know it's not good for me. Sometimes I have one because I know it's not good for me. I think listening to Belling is like that.

Thanks for dropping bye.