Friday, August 24, 2007

Those who don't remember history: Mr. Bush on Iraq and Vietnam.

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I guess it's easier for people who don't remember Vietnam, or had friends and relatives die there, to rest easy about the President drawing positive parallels between that conflict and the mess he's left for us in Iraq.

Here's the gist of it from BBCnews.

Bush in Vietnam warning over Iraq

President George W Bush 22/8/07
President George W Bush has warned a US withdrawal from Iraq could trigger the kind of upheaval seen in South East Asia after US forces quit Vietnam.

"The price of America's withdrawal was paid by millions of innocent citizens," he told war veterans in Missouri.

He forgot, of course, that the price of America's participation was by over 50,000 American lives... but he still has 47,000 to go, so maybe after he catches up with LBJ ....

Frankly, you'd imagine that only some smug rich chucklehead who avoided the war by having his father pull strings, could even begin to say things like this to veterans who know better.

-- and no, not Mr. Quayle's father.

I'm only surprised he didn't revise the endlessly mutating lie about what we're doing in Iraq: frankly, the cynic in me was waiting for him to say that, since Vietnam is now the fastest growing economy in the world, we went into Iraq to provide that same benefits.

I'm sure someone will say that eventually... while they continue to cut veterans benefits.


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