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Supreme Court Justice and Ms. Ziegler.

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Ziegler takes oath
of state Supreme Court
Newest member says she will go to work immediately

By AL DUNN - GM Today Staff
August 2, 2007

Annette Ziegler, left, is sworn in by Judge David Resheske, right, while her husband J.J. Ziegler, center, holds a bible at the Washington County Justice Center on Wednesday in West Bend. Ziegler was sworn in as a State Supreme Court Justice.

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WEST BEND - On a Bible that belonged to her 102-year-old grandmother, a former auto workers union member in Michigan, Annette Ziegler swore the oath of the state judiciary Wednesday and became Washington County's first female Supreme Court justice.

Ziegler, flanked by her husband, J.J., was sworn in by her former colleague, now-chief Washington County Circuit Judge David Resheske, in her former courtroom.

The room was packed with relatives, friends, co-workers and the news media, which has chronicled her handling of cases currently under investigation by the state Judicial Commission.

The commission is investigating whether Ziegler violated the judicial code by ruling on cases involving a local bank where her husband is a director. The probe is also looking at cases Ziegler heard involving companies in which she owned $50,000 or more in stock.

Those allegations, which state Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend - who also was in attendance - categorized as "partisan nitpicking," did not dampen the enthusiasm of the standing-room-only crowd that packed the room. Those assembled delivered a sustained standing ovation when the swearing-in ceremony was finished, then once again when Ziegler concluded her emotional farewell remarks.

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This story appeared in The Freeman & the West Bend Daily News on August 2, 2007.

I suppose in some universe Ms. Ziegler's paying a whopping big fine for ethics violations has been spun into "partisan nitpicking" but it still looks like a simply and honest confession that she screwed up.

Should she keep her seat following the review, we must wish her well and hope that her friends' judgments about her are better than her judgments about what constitutes compromising herself as a judge.


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