Thursday, August 16, 2007

A goulash of political labels.

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Something from my stuff-to-post file leftover from earlier this year.

My politics haven't changed a lot since I was 18 (government should spend our taxes effectively, stay out of people's personal lives and, when I'm in doubt about what government policies are intended to do, I follow the money), but at some point during the mid-1980's political labels became so twisted up as to be completely unintelligible. Bill Clinton, a Democrat, sells out American workers via NAFTA. Ronald Reagan, a Republican, puts the country trillions of dollars into debt. In Europe 'liberal' and 'conservative' now mean the exact opposite of what they do in the US.

Adbusters Magazine is always fun. This particular article raises all sorts of useful questions about what it means to be liberal, and what it means to be the kind of neo-con who can only exist in opposition to this kind of liberal bogeyman.

Adbusters : The Magazine - #71 Beginnings of Sorrow /
The American Left's Silly Victim Complex

I also really liked this picture.



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