Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Going green saves green for West Bend.

Hi folks,

West Bend's school district has done a terrific job of saving energy and tax dollars by attending to environmentally sound economics.

From August 11th: JS Online: Energy Squeeze

"Over five years, our natural gas use decreased 29 percent," said Warren Schmidt, West Bend's director of facilities and operations. "But our natural gas costs rose 48 percent because the price of gas rose 109 percent."

West Bend also cut its electricity use by 14% but paid 13% more because electric rates rose 31%, he said.

Energy Education's Noel-Smith counters: "But think about how much more they would be paying" if they hadn't cut their use.

Districts agree.

So let's hear it for the folks overseeing our energy savings. It goes to show you that the best kind of thoughtful environmental protection saves money, too. Sam Johnson saved Johnson Wax tens of millions of dollars when he introduced environmentally sound practices into manufacturing back in 1975 (yes, 1975). Rather famously,
Johnson made the landmark decision in 1975 to eliminate chlorofluorocarbon propellants from the company's aerosol products, three years ahead of U.S. law and 12 years before the global Montreal Protocol. Under Johnson's direction, environmental management became a core strategic focus of the business throughout the 1990s, and significant waste prevention and reduction initiatives were launched. By 1995, manufacturing waste had been cut in half, and a third of the company's products incorporated recycled and recyclable packaging. [Cornell Alum News.]

I keep wondering why we can't shut down some of the streetlights in the middle of the night too, but I'm starting to turn into my grandfather -- you know, walking around the house, turning off lights.

A job well done goes out to Mr. Schmidt and all the people on his staff who keep tabs.



Anonymous said...

To clarify, the story was referring to the school district, not the City of West Bend.

Mpeterson said...

my thanks for catching this ambiguity in the original post!