Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Turner turned down causes more teapot tempest in West Bend.

Hi folks,

The West Bend City council seems to be settling down to business, but in the long grass just outside our view one of our local bloggers cum commentators, Owen Robinson, has been digging through the council's email to uncover the conspiracy that cost his friend, Tony Tuner, the interim alderman spot for District 1. The council interviewed Mr. Turner but instead selected Mr Justman, a long time county commissioner with more experience.

Owen couldn't understand how the council could have possibly failed to pick Mr. Turner so he has started calling the majority on city council "The Gang of Five" and is now, essentially, accusing them of conspiring against the people of West Bend. Failing to pick Mr. Turner is apparently proof positive.

I don't know about you, but I've interviewed for jobs I was sure I should have gotten, but didn't. More than a few, in fact -- but I was never inclined to accuse the people who didn't hire me of conspiring to hire somebody else.

I've thought they were nuts but, hey, in the real world, a lot of this is just a judgment call.

In this case, I'm not sure the majority on council was wrong. I went back and looked at the tapes and a single example stands out: the question of TIF districts. Mr. Turner just said we could always add more. Mr. Justman took the conservative route and suggested we'd need to evaluate any new TIFs first.

Owen seems to have interpreted this as being wishy washy. I interpret it as being careful with my taxes.

It's a little thing, but it showed me that Mr. Justman was being protective of the taxpayers investment and that Mr. Turner was posturing for the cameras.

Sorry to say, that was the overriding impression I took away from it.


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