Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tony Turner's campaign, already in violation of state law?

Hi folks,

This just keeps getting worse.

I picked up one of Mr. Turner's new campaign/business cards from the GOP booth at the Washington County Fair today and noticed that it's out of compliance with state law on campaign materials.

Not a promising start.

Here it is:

[To protect his privacy I blocked out the phone number and address.]

He's missing the required disclaimer and, unless you look pretty closely, it looks like he's claiming he already is the District 1 Alderman. I haven't seen that Mr. Turner is registered yet either, although he's announced his candidacy on his website.

I'm sure Mr. Turner is a perfectly decent guy, but the rules are for everyone.

Mr. Turner, check out the state statutes. Conservatism needs to demonstrate that it believes in the rule of law. Fudging the law like this gives your opponents the opportunity to make public observations about you.



Anonymous said...

I'll go you one better: has he filed with the state? From the Elections Board:

"A candidate must file a campaign registration statement (EB-1) at the point he/she forms the intent to become a candidate and before circulating nomination papers, receiving contributions or spending money on the campaign."

And he's supposed to file a EB-2 Finance Report.

Anonymous said...

I wondered about that too - he ran newspaper ads (there was no disclosure)as soon as he announced his desire to be appointed as alderman. I assumed that they were exempt because he wasn't really running for an office, just seeking an appointment.

Looking at his background, I thought the only "issue" if appointed would be that he would have to "dumb down" to join the 3 Stooges, or act naturally (i.e., tap his intelligence and education)which would put distance between him and the yahoos. Now I have to modify my worldview - maybe he doen't need to dumb down to make the 3 Stooges feel comfortable.

My predictions - 1) county DA or whomever is asked to "investigate". 2) The BS group goes ballistic & claims that this is further proof of the conspiracy for the county to take over the city of West Bend.

My conspiracy theory? This is strategically planned so that 1) & 2) happens and self-fullfills feeds the above conspiracy fantasy.

Mpeterson said...

Well, on paper he's a pretty smart guy, so I cannot imagine his voting would mirror the minority members -- at least I suspect he'd stay through the meetings and try to work with people he doesn't always agree with. But you're right: this would probably further alienate the council members who *do* walk out when they lose.

The BS folks read this periodically so, what do you say Mr. Turner? You always have an open channel here.


Anonymous said...

I get a kick out of this comedy being played out by Owen Robinson. "I know him because he's our baby sitter's father" and "I think Turner registered with the state". Oh please; I know a tag team when I see one.

grumps said...

Do y'all have partisan elections for alderman up there?

Around here you wouldn't see analderman's tchotchkes at a party booth at the fair.

Mpeterson said...

Hi grumps,

Not usually partisan at all, but lately tempers have been running a little high. The 3 council members who have been in the minority on -- well, they've been losing a lot of votes lately -- have been utterly outraged by the interim appointments and, with the help of local bloggers, have cooked up a conspiracy theory to explain why they're in the minority.

So, tempest in a tea cup describes it pretty well. My view is that they all just needed to go out and have coffee for a few hours -- and maybe a piece of apple pie.

Anonymous said...

In today's Daily News John Torinus makes some excellent points about the role of blogs (we know which one he is referring to)in the political controversy in West Bend, as well as the impact on the Republican party in WI. I wonder if he will get savaged for that column, like Justman's daughter did for writing a letter to the editor about how wonderful her father is. Didn't Tony Turner's wife write a letter to the editor as part of his campaign for councilman appointment? Let's see if there is a "point-by-point" rebuttal of the Torinus column (he was a professional journalist at one time) on the same level as the letter to the editor. Or is it easier to bully an amateur than go head-to-head with a pro? Can Owen handle the big time? We are watching!

Mpeterson said...

I suspect he'll claim that Mr. Torinus is just another RINO opposed to the free market and who loves it when government taxes and regulates business.

-- and that would be pretty interesting to watch.

From a distance.


Anonymous said...

Grumps said, "Around here you wouldn't see an alderman's tchotchkes at a party booth at the fair."

The Washington County GOP has stated its intention to get more of its base elected to school boards, city councils, village & town boards. They failed with Bernie Newman in the 4th District, and they're trying again with Turner in the 1st.

Mpeterson said...

Most ironic of all is the almost crazy rage about Kris Deiss being appointed interim mayor and yet, there was her picture, hanging on the same wall as the President's at the Washington County Fair GOP booth.

In psychology they call this 'extinction behavior.' In regular life we call it "eating their own."

It'll be interesting to see what happens next.