Monday, July 30, 2007

More alarmist patter about the Legislature cutting educational access.

Hi folks,

Owen Robinson, over at Boots and Sabers is, much to his credit, brushing up on his rhetoric. He didn't like my math on the number of seats we'd lose under the current Assembly bill -- he thought my calculations were a silly waste of time. 200 student seats weren't really that important to Owen, but then, he's actually got a pretty decent job and doesn't need the competition.

More importantly, however, this is a great opportunity to open this discussion to the local community.

I've asked him to come up for a summit on the role of the university in the economic development of the state. We'll set it for sometime this autumn, invite the public and the media and stream it live online. It should include discussion about what kind of courses are appropriate, how university and tech school education impact the state's economy, and what kind of funding levels the local taxpayers should expect from a Legislature overseeing this kind of investment in our economic future.

But will he clamber down from the safety of his soapbox?



Anonymous said...

Summit sounds like a good idea! Any updates on if it will happen? Or is blogging from the safety of one's home or office "safer" than putting oneself "out there"?

Mpeterson said...

He hasn't responded yet. :^)

If it can be arranged, however, I'll announce it in here and try to involve the local media as much as is possible.