Monday, July 30, 2007

Finally, midsized businesses catching on to health care.

Hi folks,

Milton Friedman claims there are two conditions that must be met for the market economy to work. He says the market must be free from 1) coercion and 2) fraud. The past 20 years of merger mania has created an increased incidence of both. When there's less competition, there are fewer other businesses to keep the market honest or fair.

For years small to mid-sized businesses voted with the mega-corporations because their economic interests were roughly the same, but increasing monopolization in the global market place has left small to mid-sized businesses further and further behind.

What I meant to say is that they're being eaten alive by the bigger fish. It's not competition anymore when you get to make your own rules.

Want a great example? WalMart and GM are now starting to openly stump for some kind of state run health care system. Interesting, eh?

Locally, there's movement that doesn't involve the Democrat's plan in the Wisconsin Senate.

See what's up at the Business Coalition for Single Payer Healthcare.

You don't have to be afraid of a health care system when it makes good economic sense for your business.

Remember, it's net, not gross that matters.




Marshall said...

No matter how you spin it, it is socialized medicine. Ever think that the health care crisis is a result of the "great society" and the welfare state. Before the government got involved almost every job had medical insurance. I remember my first job when I was in high school was at a fast food joint and I was a car hop. Guess what we all had insurance and we did not have to pay the premium. The only time someone had to pay was for family coverage. Then of course welfare has caps on what they are willing to pay as does Medicare and Medicaid. So guess what. The added costs are passed off to the paying customers and the insurance companies. So there has not been a free market when it comes to health care in over 40 years. You can also not show one successful country that has socialized. Medicine, add insult to injury, Obama wants to set up a national database. Since you are a fan of the ACLU check out this site.

Yes this was about the national ID but it also fits in nicely with socialized medicine and a national database. Be afraid, very afraid.

Mpeterson said...

Having lived with socialized medicine in two other countries, I have to say I'm a fan -- and for economic rather than social justice reasons.

Sweden and Canada and nearly every other country in the industrialized world spends less per capita on health care than we do, and with better quality -- not to mention length -- of life.

The cost savings come from people getting treatment sooner -- since a preponderance of the money spent health care is spent on people in the last month of life. Interdict sooner, everyone saves money.

The only problem is that this cuts into the Christmas bonuses of Insurance company executives.

Why are you afraid of this? Is it a reaction to the idea of socialized anything?

We've had socialism for corporations in this country forever -- and capitalism for the rest of us. Why shouldn't regular Americans enjoy some of that good life too? :)

Marshall said...

Ah yes Canada is a prime example. Long waits and rationed drugs. Did you know that cancer deaths in Canada are 30% higher there then here because they refuse to dispense drugs that are deemed too costly. You show your fear of monopolies yet socialism is the ultimate in monopolies. You put your life in the hands of bureaucrats instead of the hands of the doctors. Remember to a bureaucrat the ultimate goal is power and they don't care how much of your money they have to spend to get it. Socialism for corporations? What the hell are you smoking, I want some.

Mpeterson said...

Never had a long wait and no one I knew with anything remotely serious had to wait a long time. You've been listening to the insurance industry propaganda.