Sunday, June 24, 2007

The recent tempest in West Bend's tea cup.

Hi folks,

Wow, you go away for a few weeks and .... well...

Here's what happened:
  • A majority of the city council, in accordance with the law, appointed an interim mayor.
  • A minority of city council members didn't want to.
  • The minority members initially walked out to stall the appointment and then later complained bitterly because they didn't get their way.
Mike Nichols summed it up in the Journal like this:

West Bend Ald. Scott Frederick is warning everyone that "the city of West Bend has just reached a new level of corruption."

Quick, somebody call in the FBI!

And Steve Biskupic!

Convene a grand jury!

So this is where Tony Soprano went.

Scott's reaction seems a bit over the top at first, but, if you look back over the last few years you could see it coming. He's unhappy about more than this one vote. His view of West Bend is, increasingly and now explicitly, becoming a minority view.

In fact, the council members who walked out in order to stall the appointment of Ms. Deiss have spent much of the last few years practicing the politics of "Just Say No" -- to everything. Funding education, good sewers, working with instead of against their colleagues on City Council: no No NO. They don't seem to like anything that's happening here.

Let's dub them "The Gang of No."

Anyway, the idea providing a little reasonable continuity in the mayor's office until the election next April got a "NO" from them as well. And some whining.

Mr. Nichols concludes this way:

He [Frederick] made the comment after acting mayor Kris Deiss was appointed interim mayor, an entirely logical move that provides a little continuity in government until an election can be held next April.

In West Bend, it seems, "corruption" is just another word for Scott Frederick not getting his way.

We still have to live together, even when we disagree -- so, Scott? Take a deep breath and get back to work, will ya?

Allen, Terry? You too.



Anonymous said...

Since when does the common council fund education?

Mpeterson said...

Since it's been responsible for the city's, relatively small, share of the UWWC budget. Some members of this group have been reluctant in the past to act on this responsibility.