Thursday, May 10, 2007

More (Groucho) Marxist irony for Ms. Ziegler.

From Ed Garvey's GarveyBlog at

In the "if you just pay attention, life makes the point for you" department:

Supreme Court acts wisely. The Wisconsin Supreme Court refused to grant the motion of Annette Ziegler to halt the Ethics Board's investigation of her alleged conflicts while serving as a Ciruit Court Judge in Washington County. The hearing will go forward on May 17.

A mild-mannered-well-behaved group picketed the Court on Monday, calling for public financing of Court races. (Court was not in session.) In an amusing coincidence the rotunda was filled with "music for picketing" provided, ironically, by the West Bend high school band. (Ziegler lives in West Bend.)

Hey! Something is going on. Stay tuned.

Tom Lehrer once noted that political satire became obsolete after Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize.

And the band plays on.


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