Sunday, April 01, 2007

Yes for the PDR is a Yes for Washington County.

Hi folks,

Farmland preservation is a sensible and prudent way to spend a bit of our (already allocated) tax money to support over 5000 jobs right here at home while preserving everything we all like most about Washington County. The county dropped $4 million on Cabelas for just a few dozen temp jobs... why not spend even less to do so much more? It'll provide great property tax increase protection for small farmers, keep our surrounding areas from turning into septic tank sewer outflows, and provide protection from sprawl.

That's the carrot.

Here's the stick: if we don't do it, we'll end up like Waukesha county.

For more of which, have a look here:

The Political Environment: Data Suggest Explosive Sprawl Will Occur: Will There Be An Inclusive Effort To Manage it?


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