Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ms. Ziegler: wronger and wronger. Now as many as 164 cases not above suspicion.

OneWisconsinNow is reporting,
Ziegler Sat on 164 Cases Involving Companies She Has an Interest In

Milwaukee- Judge Annette Ziegler heard at least 164 cases involving companies that she holds stock in and Washington County court records show she did not notify the parties of a conflict of interest or recuse herself in any of the cases (View a list of the cases).

In the 92 cases where Ziegler granted a financial award, she sided with the company she owned stock in 90 times.

Okay, overly academic reference time -- but let's say that in each of these cases, Judge Ziegler ruled properly, is she Pompeia or is she Publius Clodius Pulcher?


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Anonymous said...

Conservatives should not be trying to whitewash what Judge Ziegler has done unless they want people to think conservatives don't care about judges following the rules and injustice in our courts. One reply this morning in Waxing America was from a person hurting from Ziegler's injustice and we should not tolerate the tyranny that appears to be in Washington County because of Ziegler.

If you ever end up in court for any reason, you would not want to be facing a judge that has secrets to rule against you. We should not want to place a Judge with serious ethic problems into the Supreme Court.