Sunday, March 25, 2007

Judge Ziegler: 6 reasons she shouldn't be on the supreme court -- plus a report from WKOW news.

Hi folks,

Well, this just keeps getting worse and worse for Judge Ziegler.

1) Over 100 cases where she forgot to follow the state rules regarding potential conflict of interest

2) Dodging criticism by asserting that she did a "gut check" that told her there wasn't any problem -- even though the term "gut check" does not appear in the state statute

3) recently placing her assets into a blind trust which, frankly, is pretty much an admission that all of this criticism is right on the money

4) claiming, in order to deliberately blur the issue, that when Clifford pointed out these seemingly endless ethics violations she was just "slinging mud" (a technique worthy of Karl Rove and sure to be included on my logic exams next year under fallacy identification)

oh, and 5) claiming that she never profitted from making these rulings (which admits her guilt in this matter even while seeming to say that it didn't matter. Whether she profitted from these rulings isn't even the issue, the issue is whether she in fact violated the rules. She did.)

now this: 6) regularly making phone calls from her office that were not only personal in nature -- in violation of the court house rules here at home -- but were made to resorts in Colorado among other places.

Here's the video report from WKOW.



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