Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Company you keep? Swift Boat Liars for Annette Ziegler.

Hi folks,

I was weighing up the candidates for Supreme Court, leaning toward our upstart, hometown, judge -- until this past week when dirty money from outside Wisconsin made the decision for me.

The Capital Times is reporting that CRC Public Relations (Creative Response Concepts), the same bunch who creatively carried muck for the discredited but infamous Swift Boat Liars, is now stupping for Annette Ziegler.

You can always be judged best according to the company you keep, and that's a shame because friends of mine who know Judge Ziegler assure me that if she's a bit precocious, she's really smart. She might even be a decent justice -- but with friends like this, justice is at stake.

Ms. Ziegler, you don't always get to choose your enemies, but you do get to choose your friends.

These shadowy people, we should remember, are the same bunch bankrolled by a Nixon Whitehouse overcome by fury at a young Lt. Kerry who blew the whistle on the US military killing civilians in Vietnam. These people, we should remember, are the same bunch discredited by the fine toothed comb of a Republican led senate committee and a Dept. of the Navy hoping to undermine Lt Kerry's congressional testimony. Turns out both the Senate and Navy investigations cleared Kerry of any of this vicious innuendo. -- during the Nixon administration.

This didn't keep them from trying it again... and somewhat successfully... during the recent election. -- but they weren't any less a swarm of irrational and angry propagandists then either.

Anyway, you lie down with dogs and you get up with fleas.

The Swift Boat veterans have convinced me to jump ship and side with Ms. Clifford, the experienced legal scholar and blue collar kid, against the young judge with the rich name and lousy, lousy, lousy friends.



Anonymous said...

In politics one gets to choose their friends?? Really?? How naive a notion. You've really got to stop letting the Capital Times do your thinking for you.

Mpeterson said...


Justice requires making good choices. Are you saying that Judge Ziegler cannot, therefore, be a good justice?

Get away from me kid. You bother me.