Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sensenbrenner's connection to Foley.

A news release from the Bryan Kennedy campaign to help Mr. Sensenbrenner get on with his life. -- another example that Sensenbrenner has been in office too long.

October 5, 2006
Contact: Jordan Aberman

Kennedy Calls on Sensenbrenner to Explain Connection to Foley Scandal

WHITEFISH BAY – Bryan Kennedy, Democratic candidate for Congress in Wisconsin's 5th District, called on Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner to divulge any connections he may have to the Foley scandal currently gripping Washington, D.C., on Wednesday. Former Congressman Mark Foley was forced to resign on Friday when sexually suggestive emails he wrote to a male, underage congressional page finally became public.

"Congressman Sensenbrenner has been one of a select few to face the press on behalf of his party regarding former Congressman Foley's appalling crimes," said Kennedy, referring to a briefing held with House Majority Whip Blunt, Speaker of the House Hastert, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, and Sensenbrenner. "I think our Congressman owes his constituents – the people he's supposed to represent – an honest and complete explanation of any knowledge he had about Congressman Foley's disgusting behavior."

For months, Republican House leaders were in possession of Foley's sexually-charged emails to the underage youngster, although Foley was never disciplined or prosecuted. "I do not want to make any unfounded allegations," Kennedy said, "but I call on Congressman Sensenbrenner to fully explain any and all connections to this scandal and Mark Foley's reprehensible actions."

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