Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mark Green: a big, fat, liar about Doyle on education.

Hi folks,

Just something that annoyed me. There are plenty of issues about which Mr. Green can disagree with the Governor without having to simply make stuff up.

The latest glossy mailing from the Green campaign asks whether Governor Doyle really cares about the University of Wisconsin. Two details:

1) the slick cardboard sheet says that tuition increased for Wisconsin students
2) that tuition decreased for out of state students.

Cleverly enough, both are true. What Mr. Green's marketing team is hoping you don't know is the following:

1) tuition increased because the Republican run legislature has slashed state contributions to UW tuition (the amount we all pay in taxes to help offset the cost of university for all our college age friends and neighbors) over the last few years. The Regents repeatedly warned the Legislature that tuition would have to be raised to compensate but the Republican legislators went ahead. Now, Mr. Green and the same jokers who forced UW to raise tuition, are blaming the Governor for it.


Oh, and 2) out-of-state tuition didn't go down so much as return to earlier, lower, levels. UW did that in order to recover the students we lost when rates were jacked up to accomodate whining in the Legislature. When UW raised its out-of-state tuition rates we lost a TON of out-of-state students and their money. Turns out if you lower their tuition a bit, MORE OF THEM COME ... um, and bring their slightly higher, out-of-state tuition with them. So, it actually made the state MORE money to lower tuition and thus attract more out-of-state students. Volume volume volume.

Anyway, it always annoys me when politicians have to make stuff up in order to fan the fires of resentment somewhere.... this one is particularly hypocritical.

Personally, I want to know now where Mr. Green stands on evolution. I'm guessing he's against it, just like the President he supports so firmly.



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Mpeterson said...

wow, I hate deleting comments, but our anonymous poster ran off crazily about concealed carry when the post was about education. He did not mention that the concealed carry bill, as written, also makes it dangerously difficult or impossible for police officers to share information about gun ownership with each other so they can be warned ahead of time during a traffic stop, say, whether the person stopped is armed. But trot that stuff out over at Boots and Sabres. :^)