Sunday, September 10, 2006

Van Hollen ad suggests killing and mounting criminals.

Hi folks,

This came in the mail last week.

I swear, if I were writing for The Onion, I could never have made this up.

If I read this correctly, it suggests that J.B. Van Hollen, as Attorney General, promises to pursue and kill criminals with the same happy competence he brings to pursuing, killing and -- presumably -- mounting a 12 point buck. (nice buck, btw.)

If he can take down a 12 pointer this easily, what chance does a 16 year old with a joint in his ashtray have?



Marshall said...

Typical left wing nut. No where does he make such a claim. He is showing that he is a proponent of the second amendment and is endorsed by the NRA. Would we want an Attorney General that does not believe in the Constitution?

Spin Much???

Mpeterson said...

Always take refuge in the literal when the metaphor is offensive?

Nice technique.

Marshall said...

You state it as fact. I am an Engineer I deal in the literal aka facts. You deal in fantasy and propaganda.

Again Spin much?

Mpeterson said...

lol. You must've missed the sarcasm in the Onion reference.

And seriously, do you want to compare who has the bigger degree?

I will however take responsibility for your having missed that I was writing tongue in cheek. A miss like that in your audience is always the author's fault.