Monday, September 18, 2006

Focus on the Family targets Wisconsin for Christian social-engineering project.

"What rough beast, it's hour come round at last,
slouches toward Madison to be born?"

It's James Dobson, that's who.

Dobson has decided that Wisconsin isn't Christian enough... or isn't Christian enough according to his sense of Christianity... or isn't doing what he wants it to... or maybe his contributions are down now that literacy in the state has improved.

Focus on the Family, Dobson's social-engineering program, has opened up a big referendum account to work against marriage rights in Wisconsin.

What's particularly ironic is that half the marriages in this country end in divorce, so I'm not sure Dobson's doing such a good job on families to begin with. What we do know is that about 50% the men and 20% of the women self-identified as fundamentalist Christians seem to be addicted to pornography.

Presumably this is what Dobson has in mind by successful families.

I say, let's not.

Send in your contributions, and your prayers for personal freedom, to Fair Wisconsin and the ACLU today, and be sure to vote in November.


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