Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I knew Mike Wallace and Chris Wallace is no Mike Wallace.

Family shame is going to be pretty thick around the Thanksgiving Dinner table this Fall when Chris comes home and has to look his father in the eye. "Daddy," he'll say, "I only did what my masters said they'd pay me to do. There can't be anything wrong with that."


In the meantime, Keith Olbermann has emerged as the conscience of the country. For his latest see his comments on the Fox News interview with Mr. Clinton.



Sunday, September 24, 2006

Is your vote being counted?

And this from Rolling Stone:

But despite the media blackout, indications continued to emerge that something deeply troubling had taken place in 2004. Nearly half of the 6 million American voters living abroad(3) never received their ballots -- or received them too late to vote(4) -- after the Pentagon unaccountably shut down a state-of-the-art Web site used to file overseas registrations.(5) A consulting firm called Sproul & Associates, which was hired by the Republican National Committee to register voters in six battleground states,(6) was discovered shredding Democratic registrations.(7) In New Mexico, which was decided by 5,988 votes,(8) malfunctioning machines mysteriously failed to properly register a presidential vote on more than 20,000 ballots.(9) Nationwide, according to the federal commission charged with implementing election reforms, as many as 1 million ballots were spoiled by faulty voting equipment -- roughly one for every 100 cast.(10)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Out of state Green backs in Green's back pockets.

Hi folks,

We'll find out on Monday whether the State Election board was justified in raising questions about a ton of dough Rep Green dumped from his federal accounts into this state account to run for Gov.

In the meantime, we still get to wonder about a few details. The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, keeping track of the money, found an interesting bit of info:
Of the $511,405 in PAC donations Mark Green raised as a member of Congress and then transferred from his federal committee to the state account he is using to run for governor, $467,845 was donated by PACs not registered in Wisconsin.
Does that mean that he's loved 81% more by PACS outside Wisconsin than he is by PAC registered in Wisconsin?

Guess we'll find out.


Monday, September 18, 2006

Focus on the Family targets Wisconsin for Christian social-engineering project.

"What rough beast, it's hour come round at last,
slouches toward Madison to be born?"

It's James Dobson, that's who.

Dobson has decided that Wisconsin isn't Christian enough... or isn't Christian enough according to his sense of Christianity... or isn't doing what he wants it to... or maybe his contributions are down now that literacy in the state has improved.

Focus on the Family, Dobson's social-engineering program, has opened up a big referendum account to work against marriage rights in Wisconsin.

What's particularly ironic is that half the marriages in this country end in divorce, so I'm not sure Dobson's doing such a good job on families to begin with. What we do know is that about 50% the men and 20% of the women self-identified as fundamentalist Christians seem to be addicted to pornography.

Presumably this is what Dobson has in mind by successful families.

I say, let's not.

Send in your contributions, and your prayers for personal freedom, to Fair Wisconsin and the ACLU today, and be sure to vote in November.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Is voting on a Diebold machine like betting against the house?

Hi Folks,

This just in from my friend Sylvia Walsh down in Florida. She's been involved in hacking through the jungle of subterfuge surrounding the Diebold voting machine ... well, it's a scandal really.

What does this have to do with trouble in the Heartland?

They had one of these at the polls yesterday when I voted in the primary.

Here's the story:

A new Princeton report, issued today, and a 5-minute video demonstrating the alteration of results on a Diebold TS (touchscreen) voting system may be viewed at this link: .

Susan Pynchon
Florida Fair Elections Coalition

You make the call.


Monday, September 11, 2006

Consumers not Citizens: Bush's Sept 11th call to action.

Hi folks,

Here's what I remembered today:

With poisonous dust still swirling around rescue workers in New York, and people acting in the best way Americans can act, the President of the United States did not call us to action as citizens but as consumers.

That's because his understanding of America is economic and not civic, and because his values are centered on profit and not on principle. He believes, as he's demonstrated, that Americans are reducible to what they'll do selfishly for a $300 tax hand out and not what Americans will do selflessly for the idea of what America could be.

Was he right?


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Van Hollen ad suggests killing and mounting criminals.

Hi folks,

This came in the mail last week.

I swear, if I were writing for The Onion, I could never have made this up.

If I read this correctly, it suggests that J.B. Van Hollen, as Attorney General, promises to pursue and kill criminals with the same happy competence he brings to pursuing, killing and -- presumably -- mounting a 12 point buck. (nice buck, btw.)

If he can take down a 12 pointer this easily, what chance does a 16 year old with a joint in his ashtray have?


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cutting veteran's benefits saves the taxpayers money.

Hi folks,

Something that has now stopped surprising me. The neo-cons support the troops, so long as they don't cost too much.

Health Policy Malpractice

... the Bush administration has restricted access to the V.A. system, limiting it to poor vets or those with service-related injuries. And as for allowing elderly vets to get better, cheaper health care: “Conservatives,” writes Time, “fear such an arrangement would be a Trojan horse, setting up an even larger national health-care program and taking more business from the private sector.”

This is a time-shifted version of being pro-birth but not pro-life -- it's just the standard neo-con self-deception.

How can we wake them up to this?